The Ordinary skincare products review for acne

The ordinary skincare products review for acne

So a few weeks ago, I started having a few problems with my skin. I was getting acne all over my cheek, chin, and in between my eyebrows. I have gotten a few pimples before but they usually disappear in two days. These weren’t going away no matter what I did. So I finally decided to buy a few of the ordinary skincare products. And make a small post on The Ordinary skincare products review for acne.

Okay, so if you’re a skincare addict like me or you live in the age of the internet, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the ordinary skincare products. If you don’t know, The Ordinary is a skincare line created by the parent company call DECIEM.

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The Ordinary skincare products review for acne

Their products are packaged in beautiful, expensive-looking packages. And they are sold at a very low price. They’re also very targeted for specific skincare issues. Now I didn’t go out and buy the whole line, only 3 products but some of these products have helped my skin to improve so much over the last few days.

So let’s get started…

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

The ordinary skincare products review for acne

What is it: So the niacinamide is a water-based serum that helps in reducing blemishes and congestion. It also helps in making your pores smaller and reducing oil production.

Why I chose it:

I chose the niacinamide because skin blemishes were becoming a huge problem for me. Even as my acne started clearing up, there would always be blemishes left. My face type is also oily so I needed something to also help reduce the oil production.

As you probably know, Oily faces are very likely to get acne due to oil buildup. In a few days of using this serum, my skin wasn’t clear but it was smooth. Before I could feel the scar that my acne left behind but after using it for a few days, my face was baby feet smooth. In a week or 2, my blemishes were looking lighter and lighter.

When to use it:

It is recommended to use this serum before applying any heavy creams. You can use it twice a day. I use it both morning and night before applying my face creams.

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100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

The ordinary skincare products review for acne

What is it: The rosehip oil is cold-pressed which is another way of saying that you get more benefits from it because heat is not used as a way to extract the oil from the seed. When you use heat to extract oil, it often loses some of its nutrients and benefits. It also helps in reducing signs of photoaging like pigmentation. Anddd It can be used for all skin types.

Why I chose it:

You might not believe this, but although I have an oily face, my face had become incredibly dehydrated. I honestly didn’t know this was a thing for oily face to become hydrated. Although it looked oily, it also looked really dull. After using this oil, the dehydration and dullness was now a thing of the past.

Although I didn’t have much pigmentation, my chin was a little darker than some other parts of my face. Ever since using the oil, that has reduced tremendously. This oil has improved my skin tone and help to look more even.

When to use it:

It’s always best to use oil at night especially because they tend to leave a more shiny look to your face. And I definitely don’t want to be out and about with a shinier face than my oily skin gives me. I use this once after applying my toner and the niacinamide serum.

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

The ordinary skincare products review for acne

What is it: So this one is an exfoliating facial. It’s supposed to help exfoliate your skin and clean your pores.

Why I chose it:

I chose this product because, to be honest, I’m an exfoliating freak. I really really love to exfoliate, I try not to do it too much but I can get away with 2-3 times a week because of my oily skin. It’s just something about the glow and the clean feeling your face gets after exfoliating.

However, this was not a plus for me. So this product right here is why they tell you to test patch first. My first time using this product went crazy. They did say to expect a tingling sensation but a minute after being on my face, my face was burning up.

I tried again a second time because I’m ridiculously stubborn and the same feeling although I did last 2 minutes before the feeling came. So maybe the third time will be the charm. I should say that each time i tried it, my face did feel really soft after washing it off. But I just couldn’t keep it on.

How to use it:

I highly recommend doing a test in a small part of your face the first time using this. If it works fine for you, it is said that you can use it twice a week for 10 minutes and no more. Although I’d say maybe start out wit once a week and then move to twice.

To sum it up…

Okay, so this was my small ordinary skincare product review for acne and oily skin. Although this was my first time using them, I have a feeling these products will become a staple in my daily routines. Im definitely going to try more of their products and will most likely post a review about it here.

I want to mention that none of these products exceeded 10 dollars. I mean for this price and the results, it can’t be beaten. You can find the ordinary updates online and in-store at Ulta and Sephora.

Let me know if you’ve used any of the ordinary skincare products. If you haven’t used any, will you think about getting into it after this review?

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  1. I have been stalking their products on Ulta for months debating whether or not to get them. I’ve heard good things about them. I too have acne prone skin so I’m very careful of the products I use hence the debate in my head but I think I’ll start small.

  2. I love the zinc and peeling solution. Blemishes are noticeably less red and reduced in size when I use the zinc the night before. The peeling solution is extreme but after a few uses, your face gets used to it and it’s worth it for a super-soft face!

    Erika Marie |

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