Skincare expert answered all your essential skincare questions

Skincare expert answered all your skincare questions

Ever wanted to sit down and ask all your skincare issues to a skincare expert? Well, I did. And lucky for you, and me of course, This skincare expert answered all your essential skincare questions.

Want to know if you really need to exfoliate? Are eye creams important? What skincare ingredients should you avoid when buying skin products? Keep reading to find out.

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Why is exfoliation necessary, How many times should one exfoliate?

To sum it up, exfoliating is necessary for healthy-looking skin and glowing skin. Exfoliation also helps in making sure all your other skincare products are effective. “It really helps cellular turnover and removes the buildup of dead skin cells. Some great chemical exfoliants are lactic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid. ” Urwah adds.

The amount of time you should exfoliate is completely up to your face and its needs. People with oily skin can get away with exfoliating 2-3 times a week. While someone with dry skin might need to exfoliate 1-2 times a week.

Need more info on exfoliation? Check out Urwah’s post on her Facebook page.

What ingredients to avoid when buying skincare products?

In case you didn’t know this, some ingredients used in your skincare products might be a huge safety issue for your skin. It might even be the reason your skin breaks out or dries out. It’s important to look at the ingredients in your products before you buy them.

Urwah adds “Definitely avoid alcohol, fragrance, and ingredients that cause a “cooling” sensation like menthol or camphor. Because that sensation is actually your skin’s way of telling you it’s being irritated.”

Skincare expert answered all your essential skincare questions

What skin products should everyone have in their routine?

This is also based on your skin’s needs but Urwah recommended the following products that are essential to healthy skin. “EVERYONE should have in their routine are a cleanser, moisturizer, & SPF. You can add in more steps and products depending on what concerns you’re trying to solve.”

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Which skin care products are worth splurging on?

There’s a lot of products available online and off. It can be frustrating knowing what to buy. Some are highly expensive and some aren’t. So I asked Urwah which one is worth splurging on and which is okay to spend just $5 on?

Well, Urwah answered “it depends, you can get some wonderful effective products for a low price, and sometimes even the most expensive “luxury” skincare products aren’t actually good for you at all. So it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you have a choice on what to splurge on skincare wise, I’d recommend investing in something more personalized and catered towards your needs.”

What’s the best way to treat dark spots?

Treating dark spots starts in finding what causes your dark spots. Is it the sun or scars from acne? Either way she says “the best thing for dark spots is a targeted routine that includes skin brightening ingredients like niacinamide, Vitamin C, or even hydroquinone for deeper scarring.”

In that answer, Urwah also states another reason why exfoliation is necessary for your skincare routine. “It’s important to incorporate chemical exfoliation in your routine as well, and lactic acid is a great one to go with if you are targeting dark marks,” says Urwah.

As a personal testimony, I have been using niacinamide in my skincare routine and my spots have improved tremendously ever since. Stay tuned for my post on how I treated my acne and dark spots.

Can a product become less effective if you use it a lot?

The good thing is no, it can’t so you can go ahead and buy that faithful moisturizer that your grandma got you into.

Urwah also adds that although your skin doesn’t get used to a product the reason a product feels like its no longer effective is because ” The product has really worked on your skin to lessen the concerns you had when you started, so after a point, you feel like it’s not “working” anymore because your concerns aren’t at the level they used to be, and the product has ultimately done its job.”

When should one start using anti-aging products and what are some anti-aging ingredients to look for?

Now we all know we can’t prevent aging but we can definitely slow the process on our skin. The younger you start using anti-aging products the better. Urwah says “you can start incorporating some anti-aging products as early as 18 years old.”

Also being that the sun is the number one culprit behind aging skin, its good to try to avoid it. With that being said, Urwah says that “The most important and effective anti-ager is Sunscreen.” As for ingredients to keep an eye on for anti-aging, she recommends retinol.

Skincare expert answered all your essential skincare questions

What products would you recommend for people with eczema?

Urwah said that typically a prescription for ” Triamcinolone ointment” is good for treating eczema and also the quickest way to treat it.

However, for a more long term solution, she suggested that one find out “what’s triggering their flare-ups, and then adjust their lifestyle according to that. So it could be diet, stress, hormones, whatever the case may be, it’s important to address the root cause of your flare-ups alongside topical treatments like the Triamcinolone.”

What is the purpose of eye creams?

I knew I wasn’t the only one with that question in mind. With All the commercials for eye creams we see on tv, I guess they had to have a purpose.

Well, the good thing is eye creams are not something that we all need. However, if you do have concerns like “fine lines, darkness, or bags under your eyes, then there are eye creams that can target that,” says Urwah. Other than that, your normal moisturizer will work just fine if you don’t have any of those concerns.

Skincare expert answered all your essential skincare questions

Can oily skin be dehydrated? If so, How do you fix that?

Okay, so this question was mainly from me. I sorta heard from the grapevine that oily skin can be dehydrated and i wanted to make sure. Lo and behold, Urwah says that “oily skin can even be a sign of dehydration.”

She says to never skip moisturizer and to choose one “that’s lightweight and suitable for your skin and avoiding stripping products like bar soaps or other products with surfactants, alcohol, and other stripping ingredients.

If you need more help or have any concerns with your skin, Get these beauty hacks cheat sheets from Urwah’s website straight to your inbox.

You can also schedule a free call session with Urwah for your skin concerns where she helps you find a personalized routine for your


That’s almost all, folks. But here are a few more info on our skin specialist, Urwah.

“My name is Urwah Kamran, CEO & Founder of Your Skin Confidence, and Clear Skin Mastery – a program that promotes better health, a clear mind, and of course, glowing skin

I also have a Facebook Group called The Beginner’s Skin Clearing Lab, for anyone starting out with skincare who wants to join. And of course, if you want to talk more about your specific skin concerns and solve them for good, then we can talk more 1:1 on Your Skin Confidence breakthrough session.”

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  1. Wow, thank you for this post. Such a great idea! I make sure I avoid frangace, alcohol, parabens, sls, well basically everything bad and not necessary! It’s important to use more natural products like shea butter for face and/or body if you have dry skin or coconut oil for body. That’s what I use the most! 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading. The more natural, the better. I use coconut oil on my skin too. Although not on my face cause it gets super oily.

  2. Very informative post! I love the way you compiled everything in one post. Eye cream always confuse me, now it’s clear. Thank you so much!

  3. I use to over exfoliate my skin until I realized it’s not best to do it everyday. So I do it 2x a week and I’ve recently started using eye creams to depuff my eyes.

    1. It was the other way around for me. I Rarely exfoliated before thinking it was unnecessary. Although after I got into it, I wanted to exfoliate all the time. You just have to find a balance with it. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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