How to stay warm and stylish this winter

How to stay warm and stylish this winter

Dressing stylish in winter can be a bit uninspired. The cold and freezing temperatures can make you not want to even go out, let alone find a way to dress stylishly. However, cold air doesn’t mean we have to compromise on style. Here are a few tips on how to stay warm and stylish this winter.

Check the weather

Winter weather doesn’t always mean 20 degrees or lower. The weather can change from being 20 degrees today to 55 tomorrow. So it’s important to check the weather the day before you have to go out so you can prepare your outfits properly.

How to stay warm and stylish this winter

Add layers

It can be a bit tricky to layer up but it’s one of the best ways to get through winter. So layer up. Put a pair of tights or leggings under your favorite ripped jeans. Layer a. Turtleneck under your sweater and then add a jacket.

Style your scarves

There are so many ways to experiment with scarves, especially a blanket scarf. You can wrap it around your head, your neck. Or add a belt to it and use it as a jacket.

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Get your faux fur on

Keep warm and stylish with a pair of faux fur jacket or coat for the season. Faux fur comes in many colors and lengths and helps take your outfits to the next level.

Up your shoe game.

Invest in a pair of knee-high boots to wear this winter. The heel choice is up to you. They can be high heels or without heels at all. Knee-high boots can be styled with about anything and are sure to keep you warm. Style them with a skirt or jeans for extra warmth.

Make a statement with hats and gloves

 As someone who lives in New York, trust me when I say I KNOW COLD. when it gets cold, even your head starts freezing. Bad Hair day won’t even matter in those moments. Make a statement by adding colored hats and gloves to your outfit. Turn heads by wearing a black jacket with bright-colored gloves.

Do you have any tips on how to stay warm and stylish this winter? Share them below.

How to stay warm and stylish this winter
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  1. I’m a Florida. So our winters are a bit different from yours but I try to keep it cute in the winter. I can so much better with these tips. Scarves are a must!

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