How to save money in college

One of the most surprising things about college for me was how much money I spent. Everyone spoke about how the teachers would be different from the high school ones. But no one talked about the money that I’d have to spend. Money on Tuition, transportation if you don’t live in a dorm, buying books and food. All this was taking money out of my pocket. So I had to come with a few ways to limit my spending and save money. So here are a few tips on how to save money in college.

Don’t buy new textbooks

Textbooks are so expensive in college. And I definitely wasn’t ready for that. Instead of buying new textbooks, But used ones or buy ebooks since they are sometimes less expensive. Another cheaper way is to rent the books or share the price and the book with a fellow student.

Use public transportation

Having a car can get very expensive. Gas, insurance, parking, monthly repairs, and maybe auto loans drain lots of money out of your pockets. It’s way less expensive to use public transportation to get you to where you need to be.

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Use student ID for discounts

There are a lot of food places and shopping stores that give discounts to students with ID. Make sure to take your ID with you when going out and get your hands on those discounts. You can also your student email to get discounts on online stores and even subscriptions. For example, Spotify has a discount for students for $6 per month and it comes with Showtime and Hulu.

See this post to find 52 stores that offer student discounts.

Skip dining out

Eating out might not seem so expensive but doing so often will add up. If you live on campus, try finding activities where food is being offered freely. If you live at home, eat before class and bring your own lunch to class. You’ll save much more if you cook at home instead of dining out all the time.

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Pass all your classes

Now You might wonder how this helps in saving money but it does so stick with me. Not passing your classes means you’re most likely going to have to take that class over. If you’re paying for college that means you’re most likely going to have to pay to take that class again. Mistakes do happen but try staying on top of your classes so you don’t have to pay to take classes over.

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How to save money in college

Use a student checking/ savings account

Regular checking accounts often come with a monthly fee if you don’t keep a certain limit in that account. And trust me, as a college student I know it gets hard to not go under the limit. Lots of bank offer accounts for students that charge little to no monthly fee, doesn’t require a limit or a minimum balance. Chase is one of those banks. But look and do research on which bank is the best for you.

Do a money-saving challenge

If you find it hard to save money, get into a money-saving plan or challenge. An easier way to save money is by opening a savings account and dedicating a certain amount of money to put in that account every week or month. Whatever suits your needs.

Check out these easy money-saving challenges that anyone can follow.

What are some of your tips on how to save money in college? Share them below.

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  1. You’ve got some great suggestions here! I think one of the biggest shifts to help people save money has been the invention/popularity of the instant pot. While more dorms around here won’t allow hot plates, instant pots are allowed. It lets students that don’t necessarily have a full kitchen available to them prepare healthy meals without having to eat out or even rely on a meal plan!

  2. I always bought my books used (unless the teacher decided to use a new book) and used my student discount EVERYWHERE (still do sometimes!). I wish I skipped dining out as much as I did, it defiantly would have saved me a ton of money! Great tips!

    1. Great Job. Honestly me too with the dining out part. I’ve been doing a good job at it lately. But I know when class starts back and I’m still working while managing this blog, I’ll probably go back to dining out.

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