How to save money: 10 simple Tips

How to save money

Saving money can be one of the hardest things to get into. We always give an excuse as to why we cant’s save money. I won’t lie, sometimes those excuses are valid. However, having money saved is a crucial part of living a stress-free life. Here are 10 simple tips on how to save money.

Create a budget

The best way to keep track of all your spending and income is by creating a budget. You can use a journal or notebook to create your budget. Calculate your monthly income and Make a list of all your necessary expenses. Subtract your income from all your expenses. If you have a positive number left, you’re spending below your mean which is good. If the numbers are negative, try cutting back on some expenses.

Walk with cash

 It doesn’t always feel like you’re spending money when using your card. Use cash so that you can see how much you spending and cut back. You will likely spend less if you use cash. You might also find it harder to break your 20s or 50s. Which helps you cut back on spending.

Leave your credit cards at home

 It can often feel like you’re not spending money at all when using a credit card. Until the statement comes in and interest rate adds up, causing you to spend more money. Leaving your credit cards at home helps to be more frugal about your spending.

Do a money-saving challenge

One of the best ways to reach a financial goal os through a saving challenge. these challenges work especially well if you have a specific plan that you’re saving for. These challenges usually set an amount of money you should be saving every week or month to reach a certain goal. I highly recommend a money-saving challenge if you’re saving for a car, a vacation, etc.

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Set up a savings account.

Leaving your money in your checking account makes it easier to spend it. If you find it hard to keep your money in your checking, open a savings account. It’s usually free at most banks. If it’s not, you can find banks that offer free checking accounts and set up one.

Save your change

Start a saving plan by saving your change. Instead of dropping them all over your house, (guilty!) grab a jar or a piggy bank and start saving your change to see how much it can add up to at the end of the year or whenever you decide to open it up.

Eat At home

Dining out takes so much more money than making your own home-cooked meal. For instance, The $50 you spend at a restaurant could buy groceries for a whole week for you to make a home-cooked meal.

Make a grocery list

Making a grocery list allows you to decide what you’re going to buy before going to the market. Going without a grocery list can lead to you making more unnecessary purchases of items that you probably won’t use. It helps to also make a list of meals that you can prepare so you can buy the grocery items that you need for those meals.

Use cashback apps

cashback apps are apps that offer rewards or cash from purchases that you make. There’s a lot of apps that offer cashback on purchases. Apps like Rakuten ebates or ibotta gives actual cashback when you shop. You can get cash back on online and offline purchases

Cut back on subscriptions

Paying $8 for Netflix may not seem like a lot. But if you’re paying the same for Hulu, Netflix, music and any other form of subscriptions, they add up. Try cutting down to one or 2 tops. Some subscriptions also offer student discounts or pay for one and get 2 deal. For example, a subscription for Hulu also comes with Spotify and showtime. You just need to look to find the right one.

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  1. These are all amazing tips! My husband and I are having a hard time with the groceries and meal prep because I’m vegetarian and he’s not. It can be challenging at times so this was very helpful!

  2. These are some great tips on saving money. The one that I’ve been working on is eating at home more often, and I can attest that it has helped in saving money for sure!

  3. These are some good tips. My favorite things to do our savings challenges and at the end of the year I look through all of my subscriptions and cancel the ones that I’ve been paying for and not using or just don’t need.

  4. I agree with everything except the credit cards and savings account but only if you have self control. If you have self control use nothing but credit cards for the bonuses and get rid of those low-interest savings accounts and pay off all your high interest debts instead. Just my opinion. Thanks.

    1. I agree. But like you say, it does require self-control to be able to save without a saving account. Thank you for your comment 🙂

  5. I totally agree about using cash as a way to save. This is especially when you want to buy an impulsive big ticket item like a designer purse. You know you don’t need it but you just want it. When you use cash and have to count them, it slows down your impulse and makes you rethink the purchase.

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