February 2020 Goals

February 2020 Goals

January seemed to have gone by really fast. My goals for February 2020 are to make passive income online, be healthier and relax more.

January recap

This month was a bit hectic for me. It’s a new year, it was my birthday, a new semester started. I wasn’t saving as much as I would hope. Books were expensive this semester and They were mostly programs/applications that I had to buy which meant no used books at cheaper prices.

Then I spent a few more on my birthday outfit and other misc. I did buy a few products from the ordinary and my ski has been improving s much so look out for a new skincare post soon.

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February 2020 Goals

February goals

College goals

I’m focusing on so many things lately. It’s hard to know which to put first. I’ll start with school. I’ll be graduating next year so I want to focus a lot on my classes. I’m taking 3 core classes and they’ve proven to be a bit difficult already. For example, I’m using my planner and this app call my homework to stay on top of exams and projects. This app is amazing. It reminds me every time that I have an exam or project coming up.

What are your plans for this school year? Are you in college, high school, done with school completely?

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Blogging goals:

I started blogging again last December. I had a blog before in 2018 but I wasn’t too consistent and deleted it. My plan is to publish at least 2 posts a week. In regard to the site’s look, I want to start taking my own pictures for this site. I do have a camera but I keep feeling like my pictures won’t come out as beautiful as the free stock ones.

Simplify my site

I also want to niche down my site. If you’ve been on my blog often, You’ll see I talk about beauty, self-growth, personal finance, and fashion. Too much, I know. I’m kinda planning on making it a beauty and self-growth niche blog.

Let me know what you think…

If you read my blog, which 2 topics do you think I should stick with? Beauty, self-growth, fashion, or finance? Which 2 topics do you like reading about?

Wellness goals:

I don’t know if I should get too personal just yet but I injured my leg last year and I’m trying to find a way to get it better. I stopped exercising after that and I really miss it and want to get back out there. My plan is to do at home workouts and try to not do exercise that adds to much pressure to my leg.

I also want to get into yoga and meditating more. I’ve been looking for more ways to calm my self spiritually and to be more in tune with my self. I think meditation will help with that. I do plan on journaling more also.

Improve skincare

Since this blog is based so much on beauty, I thought I’d add this part. For me, my plan is to improve my skincare routine. It’s doing pretty well right now since I started using some of the ordinary serums in my routine. I don’t wear makeup much lately, I don’t have the time and I hate taking it off when I get home. I feel like its too much work.

Career goals

This part feels like It should be with my blogging but i think they deserve their own heading. Career-wise. I want to thrust myself more into the marketing world which is my major. My plan is to get into some marketing internships this semester.

Improve my writing

I really want to take my wiring more seriously. Which is also where journaling more come into place. I want to write more poems and maybe start publishing them somewhere or open a separate Instagram for them. I want to finish my short novel and of course write more in this blog. I’m hoping to get into the freelance writing business. My goal is to start guest posting for others to help build my portfolio and hopefully take off from there.

With that being said, I do have 11 more months left in this year and I’m so excited to see what I’ll accomplish in these months.

What about you? What are some of your goals for this month?

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