5 simple ways to practice self-love

5 simple ways to practice self-love

self-love isn’t something that’s talk about often. However, we often hear people telling us to do things for others and be good to others. They rarely ever tell you to be good to yourself and do things for yourself.

Sometimes, when you start focusing more on yourself, people might call you selfish or self-centered. Well, guess what, thee certain times in your life where you do need to center your attention to your self.

With that being said, keep in mind that my definition of self-love might be different from your definition of self-love. However that you define your self-love, remember that self-love in its foundation is whatever that brings you happiness in life and makes you feel like you are living for yourself.

So let’s get started on these 5 simple ways to practice self-love.

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5 simple ways to practice self-love

Forgive your past/ Live in the present

I’m sure most of us have things that we’ve done in the past that’s made us feel embarrassed, ashamed, and sometimes awful. It gets hard to move on from things like that. NO matter how hard we try, they linger in the back of our minds ready to creep back up.

I have those moments. You’re never ready for when they might come up. But when they do, they leave you feeling small and still embarrassed. I’m here to tell you that it’s time to move on from those feelings. You are not your past. We all make mistakes and we are allowed to move on from them.

Next time those feelings creep back up, don’t quickly push them away. Acknowledge them, acknowledge why you’re feeling this way. Deal with those feelings and allow yourself to move on. Allow yourself to be rid of your past mistakes. Tell yourself that you were young and naive and wouldn’t do these things anymore. Allow yourself to move on.

Learn to say no

Learning to say no is empowering. It’s you taking back your time and freedom and deciding what to dow ith it.

Man, did I have a problem with this one? It’s something that I realized from last year. I hated for people to be disappointed in me. I hated telling people no. You could say I was a people pleaser.

But you know what, I hated the feeling of not being happy with what i was doing. Yes, I was making someone else happy, but I was unhappy and uncomfortable often doing things for others that I really Didn’t want to do.

I had to learn that saying no doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. Having someone being disappointed in me doesn’t make me a bad person. Sometimes, saying no is the best thing you can do to protect yourself and your happiness.

Limit your news intake/ Social media

I don’t know if this is an American thing but man, does America consume news. I mean We consume news like food. We watch it first thing in the morning, we take time to read it at our lunch, and often take time for it at night too. I learned this from listening to Les Brown’s motivational speech.

In one of his speeches, he speaks of how much news we consume and how it can be a detriment to our mindset and daily health. Think of this way, you wake up and the first thing you do is watch the news. The news is rarely happy. Watching something so gruesome and sad first thing in the morning kind of sets the tone for the rest of our day. As for social media, Most of the time it does nothing but wastes our time scrolling through thousands of memes and posts.

Instead of listening to the news first thing in the morning or watching our fave celeb’s stories, put on some music or a motivational speech to get your day started in a better tone.

Listen to podcasts or motivational speeches.

I’m telling you right now, If you don’t listen to motivational speeches, you need to start RIGHT NOW. Sorry for yelling but I just wanted to get my point across. Listening to motivational speeches in the morning has a way of making me feel like im on top of the world and can handle anything that comes my way.

One of my favorite people to listen to is Les Brown. He is amazing and his voice is so energizing. You can find a lot of Brown’s videos on youtube. He talks about plenty of different topics. For example, He has a speech on how to improve your self-esteem, How to love yourself, How to feel confident about yourself, etc.

Here’s a list of 10 great motivational speakers that you can start listening to. And yes, Les Brown is a part of that list.

Spend some time with yourself

We live in a world that glorifies workaholicism. The more you work, the better you feel about yourself for staying busy and being productive. While working is something that is necessary for today’s society, taking breaks is also important for your physical, emotional and mental health.

This might be hard depends on your living situation. You might be a mother with multiple kids who never leave you alone, you might have a large family and share room with siblings. However, there are many ways to spend time with your self.

You can choose to go for a walk in the morning. Go to the movies by yourself or eat out by yourself. You can take those free time and read or choose to pamper yourself. Drink some tea, take a long and relaxing bath, or write down your thoughts ina journal. The key point is to spend some time by yourself and learning more about who you are.

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Remember self-love is imperative

in helping you continue a happier and less stressful life. No matter who you are, you need self-love. It’s good to put your feet up and take a break from the daily hardships that life sends our way. Besides taking a break only help us recharge and come back stronger than ever.

There are times where you need to take a break and focus on yourself and do things that benefit your well-being. Self-love is imperative to living a happier life. And in the words of RuPaul, “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gon love someone else?”

I truly hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. These aren’t rules but more of guidelines that have helped m especially when I’m feeling stressed and overwork.

What are some of your ways of practicing self-love?

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See you next time.

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  1. Such a great topic! I’m working on being kinder to myself and being content and living in the moment this year. I’m trying to do more of what fills me up and less of what drains me. As a family, we have started really focusing on experiences and time together over things recently and we are truly making more memories and refueling our lives by shifting our focus.

    1. That is so great, Jaye. Family time is really helpful in unwinding and relieving stress. It’s always great to do more things that fills you up.

  2. This post is so important especially with Valentines Day coming up. Self love is SOO important and we often forget around Feb. 14th when we are looking for love most from someone else. Love this post!

    1. Thank you. Yes, I agree we should apply self-love, especially in February when our attention is always on someone else’s love.

  3. I love your post on self-love. I have learnt to do this over the years by limiting social media use for personal reasons spending more time alone with my thoughts and doing things that I love. It helped greatly.

  4. Spending some time with yourself is one of my favorite ones. I think that whenever you’re by yourself you take the time to appreciate and be grateful for your life. All your points are wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love your tip of limiting social media and news intake. I have really been limiting my news for about a year now. I was finding myself too stressed over too many things that are out of my control. This one change has made a huge difference in my wellbeing!

    1. Thanks for reading. I’m the same way, especially because I blog. I’m always brainstorming and using my phone to do other blog-related stuff.

  6. Great points. I agree that following too much news can be overwhelming. Social media has made it so easy to feel bombarded with what’s happening everywhere. I’m trying to be more protective of my time and how I spend it– limiting exterior noise.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful self-care ideas.

    1. It’s always good to limit your news. I swear my life changed when I started doing it. I still have friends that come to me with daily news and I often have tot ell them not now because I don’t want it to affect my day since there’s probably nothing I cand do about it.

      1. I love your simple ways of self care. My favorite is spending time with yourself something I dont really get to do with kids and all. The most I can do is drink some tea and read a few pages while my youngest name.

  7. I love this for the month of February when the focus is not on ourselves. After the month of January and New Years Resolutions it is important to continue bettering ourselves and that includes spending time and working on ourselves first. Great post!

  8. Great topic and something more people need to hear. Not enough people are brave and aware enough to love themselves, and this is part of the reason why we live in such a cold culture. Great blog!

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