3 beauty products I always have in my purse


I used to be a makeup junkie in high school. Like the makeup junkie who always brings a big makeup bag in their backpacks for touch-ups or whatever. These days are long gone. I’d say mainly because I’ve gotten too lazy to do a full face of makeup everyday. Also, I’ve gotten more in tune with my skin and it’s definitely clearer than it was in high school. So now that I don’t wear much makeup, I’ve settled on 3 beauty products that I always have in my purse.

Maybelline total temptation eyebrow definer pencil

The first one is this Maybelline total temptation eyebrow definer pencil. I mean those little pencils are amazing. If you know me, you know I rarely leave my home without my brows done. They come with a little spoolie brush that you can use to brush your eyebrows back. The tips of the pencil are slim and angled for precise lines. It also gets better. It only costs $4 on Amazon.

Nk bold lip liner

So I’ve had this one for so long that the color’s name is faded out. I go back in forth with lipliners and this is one of my favorites to use. I love this lip liner because it is very similar to my skin color and helps give a great transition for brighter colored lipsticks.

NYX soft matte lip cream, Rome

This lipstick is hands down my favorite lipstick of all time. you know how matte lipsticks can leave that drying feeling in your lips? well, this one doesn’t. This lipstick has a soft, creamy and matte finish and is very long-lasting. I have a few more of that lipstick but the color Rome is my favorite. It is a pinkish purple color and i blend it with a lipliner to get that pink nude lipstick color.

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So what beauty products have you been loving or using a lot recently? Share it in the comments below.

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  1. These are great items to always have. I used to be like that too in high school. Have to take your whole makeup bag to school. Even though how often did I actually touch up my makeup…? Lol. Close to never. But it is smart to carry just a few items now. As these are great! Thank you for sharing!

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