10 things to do on Sunday to prepare for the week

10 things to do on Sunday to prepare for the week

Preparing your week ahead of time gives you a much better understanding and control of your week. So here is my list of 10 things to do on Sunday to prepare for the week.

So we all have come to know Mondays as the most hated day of the week. Whether you’re a student or a working adult, we all dread that M word.

So I thought What if we all could all start loving Mondays? So I’ve come up with a few tips on how to make those Mondays a little less dreadful by preparing on Sundays.

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Create a to-do list

Creating a to-do list is one of the best ways of organizing your week. You can do this in a journal or on your phone.

Organize your list by brainstorming and writing your plans for the week ahead. Write down anything you hope to get done for the week.

Make sure to also write any meetings you have to go to or any plans made with friends.

Go grocery shopping

To help make your grocery shopping trip easier, make a list of meals that you’d like to eat and the ingredients you need to prepare them.

This way you save time and money from looking around the grocery store and buying unhealthy snacks or food that you might not eat later on.

Create a meal plan

Meal plans are so useful and so easy to do. Preparing a meal plan helps to save time and money for the week ahead.

Start out by cooking a large batch of your favorite meal or anything that you feel like eating for the week.

You can place them in a large container and put them in the fridge. I like to separate my meals in smaller containers for each day.

Do your laundry

Doing your laundry ensure that you don’t wear the same pair of oversize shirt and shorts that you’ve been wearing for three days now.

You’ll also have clean clothes to pick out for the week. Which brings us to the next step.

Pick out your outfits

That’s something I myself have been trying to get into. I usually prepare my outfits the night before but planning a whole week outfit makes your week even less stressful.

You most likely know how your week is going to be like, especially if you prepared that to-do list in the first step.

For example, if you go to school or work, prepare your outfits based on how you dress for these occasions.

Clean out your bag

So if you’re like me, unfortunately, you most likely dump everything in your bag. Whatever comes to my hand, for example, receipts, gum wrappers, or any piece of paper.

If there isn’t trash around, it most likely goes in my bag. On Sundays, I completely remove everything that’s in my bag so I can clean it out.

Clean your makeup brushes/ Organize your makeup

Dirty makeup brushes are one of the best ways to attract dirt to your face and build up acne.

It is recommended to wash your makeup brushes every week in order to keep them clean and your face bacteria-free.

Don’t forget to also clean out your makeup bag and wash away any products that might have fallen on it.

Check out the 3 makeup products I always have in my purse.

Declutter your electronics

Since we spend so much time on our phones or laptops, they’re probably riddled with dust and fingerprints. Get a microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe it over your screens.

Another step in decluttering your devices is to check your email. Read and delete anything that might be irrelevant. I’ve been trying to not go on my phone too much.

So I have notifications and those red little numbers turned off for most apps. That way I’m not constantly thinking about those red numbers.

10 things to do on Sunday to prepare for the week

Create an exercise routine

If you’re one of those people who goes to the gym frequently, please leave down some tips for motivation. If you’re not, it’s never too late to start.

There are plenty of apps like the seven-minute apps that have an easy and fast workout plan ready for you to every day. Some also have alarms that remind you to exercise.

If you think that’s too much trouble start with 5 squats, 5 pushups, and 5 jumping jacks 3 times a week until you’re ready for something more. when it comes to exercising, doing a little is much better than doing nothing at all.

Last but certainly not least, RELAX

After planning out your week, take some time for yourself to relax. Whatever your ways of relaxing are, you deserve it

If you need some ideas for relaxing, here’s some.

Do your own spa. Put on your favorite face mask and your hair mask, and paint your nail. Prepare a hot bath for yourself, add some essential oils, light some candles, grab a few magazines and soak away.

Meditate. Find some quiet space for yourself, light some candles (yes, I’m a big fan of candles if you’re wondering), and take some deep breath in and out.

Journal. Write down some of your thought about this week, your hopes for the next week. write down how you’re feeling right now. Write whatever you want, It’s your journal.

Bring out the artist in you. Listen to some of your favorite tunes, sing, and dance like no one’s watching.

Tea time. Bring out your favorite flavored tea. There is also tea that is known to increase relaxation. For instance, lavender or chamomile tea helps relieves stress and anxiety and helps to get in a relaxing mood.

Alright then, These are my list of 10 things to do on Sunday to prepare for the week.

How do you prepare for the week ahead? If you usually don’t, do you think you’ll start adding some of these to your weekend?

Don’t be shy, share it in the comment below 😀

And hey, since you’re here, why don’t you check out my list of 10 things to do to beat acne and get clear skin.

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  1. Hey these are really cool…..I usually go with a flow n lot of times I do struggle…. this week planning ll definitely help me … thanks buddy

  2. Thanks for the ideas! Prepping for the week really does make a difference. I also appreciate that you included relaxation. This can be so important to start a Monday refreshed!

  3. Meal planning and grocery shopping for an entire week is definitely on my to do list this year. I am at the grocery store 2 or 3 times a week smdh…enjoyed you tips!!

  4. My week is kind of weird in my house. I post on tuesdays, so on sundays I usually do things that will help the family start their week. I.E. grocery shopping, doing laundry, things of that nature. On tuesday I post my blog, so thats when I begin the creation of the next blog. Its a whole cycle. It does, however, make my life feel a little more controlled.


  5. Great suggestions! I do most of them but especially like the idea of choosing the outfits for the week on sunday, so that it doesn´t bother you in the morning. I should try that 🙂
    Have a great day,

  6. These are some great ideas. On Sundays, I usually clean, do laundry, update my Trello boards (aka my to do list), and do grocery pickup/meal planning. It definitely makes the week a lot smoother.

  7. Great suggestions! I always sit down on Sunday to plan out the week ahead, scheduling my week and including a clear to do list of things that I need to get done.

  8. These are wonderful tips! I love starting the week organized and focused. Things just flow so much better during the week this way. Unfortunately, I’m not as organized sometimes as I’d like. Thanks for laying out a great plan.

  9. Girl…I’m ashamed to say it’s been a LONG time since I’ve cleaned my makeup brushes!

    This is such a great list! It really gets you set up for the week.

    1. Hey Lindsey, you’re not alone in that. Sometimes I forget also since I sometimes go weeks or months without wearing makeup. Except for my go-to which I don’t need any brushes to apply.

  10. I love this post! I have been doing most of these things since just before January and it is a game changer! I can’t tell you how much better I feel, and less anxiety, going into the week as prepared as possible. I’ve been using habit trackers in my planner so I can check off every time I accomplish my goals and they’ve been super helpful.


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